River Run Lodge

At the turn of the century, the Restigouche River was the area where wealthy businessmen had the spirit of adventure. One of those individuals was Sir Isaak Walton Killam (IWK Hospital). A native of Nova Scotia, Sir Killam was considered as one of Canada’s wealthiest businessmen at the time and was among the first Canadians to be part of the famous Restigouche Salmon Club.

In 1911, he acquired the ‘Brunswick Lodge’ in Flatlands, as well as the right to fish many salmon pools on the Restigouche River. Among the influential people of this era who visited the Lodge were the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, local politicians and famous businessmen.
Sir Isaak Walton Killam and his wife, Dorothy, would receive guests in this pristine part of the world, with gardeners, chefs and waiters occupying the eastern part of the lodge. After his death in 1955, the Lodge was sold to various families over the years. Among those were Bensinger, Mill, Poley, Riley, Cormier and now Hackett & Bisson.
The River Run Lodge, the only casual fine dining restaurant in the region, is 15 minutes from Campbellton, NB, and just across the bridge from Matapedia, QC. It is where the relaxed Restigouche River meets elevated traditional dining in a historic fishing lodge built circa 1911.
Join us for a casually sophisticated experience, marrying timeless dishes with inspired creativity. Listen to the sounds of the running river and crackling fire while sipping wine, wrapped in a blanket, surrounded by friends.



Bread & Butter


(V) (VGO)

Smith's Charcuterie


Locally sourced meats, rillette, 3 cheeses, smoky blueberry jam, chutney, bacon jam, pickled veg, marinated olives, fresh fruit, served w/ crostini

Shell Trio


4 Oysters Rockefeller, 1/2 lb clams casino & 1/2 lb RRL mussels (GFO)

Ricotta Salad


Ricotta Salad with prosciutto, asparagus and white balsamic vinaigrette (VO) (GF)



Crab Mascarpone Raviolo

Sumac Scallops


Sumac scallops with pickled fennel and squash puree (GF)

Salmon Tartare


Scorched salmon tartare (GFO)

RRL Mussels


RRL Creamy leek Mussels with a bruschetta finish (GFO)

Tune Poke


Tuna poke with fried wontons (GFO)




Trout Fillet with citrus sauce, black lentils, and asparagus (GF)



Herb Oil Halibut with purple cauliflower puree and fiddleheads (GF)

Beef Wellington


6oz Beef Wellington with stuffed cremini mushrooms, twice baked potato and blistered tomatoes

Lamb Shank


Lamb Shank with mint demi-glace, parsnip puree and glazed rainbow carrots (GF)

Lobster Thermidor


Lobster Thermidor with lemon basil orzo and blistered tomatoes (GFO)

Make Your Turf Surf

20 | 26 | MP

3 Sumac Scallops | 5 Sumac Scallops | 1 Lobster Tail


Chef's Inspiration


"Cake Cutting" Fee | 5 per person
GF-Gluten Free | GFO-Gluten Free Option | VG-Vegan | VGO-Vegan Option
V-Vegetarian | VO-Vegetarian Option



Boss Baby

This is our inspiration. William, who is seen here at sunset at the Tide Head Beach on the Restigouche River, where his mother, Jodi, played as a child with her sisters and has since returned to raise him. His father, Jean-Guy, hails from the Abitibi-Temiscamingue in Northern Quebec, now finds himself living on the north shore of New Brunswick.

Together, as a family, they aim to honour the history of this special lodge by treating guests as family, serving beautiful, casually sophisticated dishes and ensuring the essence of the running Restigouche River is felt while spending a few hours at The River Run Lodge.

Jean-Guy Bisson


Jean-Guy is a Civil Engineer turned piping specialist while working on various mining construction projects in Northern Quebec. Not ever having worked in a restaurant himself, Jean-Guy felt the Lodge was a natural choice and a beautiful project while raising their son, William. William (3) is one of three of Jean-Guy’s sons, Mathieu (27) and Guillaume (25). He takes pride in details but most of all, making sure his family is taken care of, a quality that is essential to taking care of The River Run Lodge Family and Guests.

Jodi Hackett


Originally from Campbellton, NB, Jodi left the region as a young child, always returning (home) to the Restigouche for every school vacation. Once an adult, Jodi had the itch to travel and her father, William (Billy) Hackett, affectionately referred to her as his ‘gypsy traveller.’

Travel and work opportunities took Jodi to locations across the globe, and interestingly, she ended up right back where she started, home.

The River Run Lodge is the type of project she has wanted to take on for years, but it wasn’t until this opportunity presented itself that she felt it was right.

“It just felt right. I worked there -at the former Salmon Lodge- as a summer student years ago. When I re-visited it in the capacity of potential owner, I felt a sense of calm. That’s the feeling that is and will remain at the Lodge: peaceful, calm, and prioritizing spending special time with special people in a special place.”

Opening May 9, 2024
Reservations Open April 1, 2024


Thursday–Sunday 5pm–9pm
First Day of the 2023 Season:June 1st, 2023